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the 3 finalists

3 finalists after the semi-final

3 finalists at the PV Exhibition

3 finalists at the PV Exhibition

In summer 2019 I took part in
Sky Landscape Artist of the Year,
initially as a wild card.
The first trip was to Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex on one of the wettest days of the summer!
50 artists were on location, competing for a wild card  place and I was lucky enough to win.
The whole day was great FUN despite the weather and there was a great sense of camaraderie among the participants. Didn't like the castle though, hence the cheeky painting, which I seem to have got away with!

I then went through to the semi-final in Cromerty, Scotland which will be broadcast on Tuesday 26th November at 8pm. More news here after that episode.

Semi Final
...was in Cromarty Firth of Shipping Forecast fame. 6 winners of the heats and me, winner of the wild cards, from all 6 locations. 
What an honour it was to represent those other 300 brave souls! A fascinatiing location with dramatic skies and ever changing light and weather conditions. But so exciting to try and paint. Was delighted to get through with these other 2 lovely ladies  Fujiko Rose, and Patsy Moore  to the final at Battersea Power Station 

The Final
A night time  challenge, just to add to the complexities of being right underneath Battersea Power Station! An exciting evening, starting at 9pm and finishing at 3am.  Many congratulations to Fujiko Rose who won the competition and landed the wonderful commission of a cityscape of Venice. The participants don't know what the commission will be until the winner is announced, which makes for a more intriguing and exciting final. Personal thanks to all involved; the judges obviously, the presenters, but particularly all the crew and production team from Storyvault Films, who went out of their way to make the whole experience so much fun. 

Tai-Shan Schierenberg telling me I had w
Hurstmonceux Castle and Moat

winning painting as a wild card

 My finished painting at Cromarty Firth

Winning painting from the semi final

Painting from the final

finished painting of Battersea Power Sta
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