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Denmans ~ Day 1

A grey day, but a lovely time to be starting this project. I spent time just walking around and 'absorbing' the spaces. There is almost too much to see and I will need to think very carefully about what really excites me and how I can represent that.

Quick, simple drawings using just line and tonal blocks; certainly not ready for colour yet! I'll be keeping to monochrome for quite a while. I'm enjoying the book Gwendolyn lent me. 'How to Design a Garden' edited by Gwendolyn van Paasschen, which is a collection of John Brookes' thoughts and teachings. I'm very interested in his connection with 'modern art' and the abstract work of people like Ben Nicholson and Kasimir Malevich. It ties in with just having seen the Ben Nicholson exhibition at Pallant House Gallery.

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