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Tiptoe through the tulips...

An exciting month in Denmans Garden. I took my 'Partner in Art' from Pallant House Gallery Community Programme for an afternoon sketching and enjoying the tranquility. A group from the Programme will be visiting during September to view the exhibition and use the garden as a starting point for their own art practice, led by Jenny Oldham. I have enjoyed engaging with visitors as the weather improves, who are generally keen to chat and ask about the residency and what I'm up to. I also visited with a few friends from one of my art groups, Octagon, for drawing and photographs and generally absorbing ideas.

Tulips of course (reliably informed to be 'Queen of the Night') caught my eye and I set up all my painting gear on a breezy day - not a good idea with a long thin canvas! However I worked on 2 paintings back in the studio and was pleased with the result and the unusual format.

I have done 2 screen prints based roughly on the seasons and concentrating on colour, using abstract forms derived from drawings done in the garden. I then had them put onto screens photographically and plan to use the same images in different ways for 4 finished prints. Here are 2 of them - guess which seasons they might represent based on colour! the backgrounds are 'whiter' in reality and each will have a limited edition of 5. I admire the prints of Albert Irving who was an influence here. I plan to have 8 more prints using different methods of print making and concentrating on form and texture. These will also have an abstract quality. As we progress through the year we are planning a couple of workshops and possibly a school visit. More details later.

2 screen prints and a visit with friends for a drawing afternoon.

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05. Mai 2022

Tulips can be so transient, but well captured on canvas!

Gefällt mir
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