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Flaming June...

Well, we're into summer now and the last 3 months of my residency at Denmans. If you blink at the moment, things will have changed. The rain showers (plentiful) freshen everything up as does the changing light through the day and the natural process of growth and dying back. I had 2 weeks away and worried that I had missed too much, but think I got back in time to admire the verticle spires of lupins, foxgloves, alliums and those wonderful furry grey and yellow things! I've always loved lupins - and the planting here at Denmans is done with such attention to detail in observing contrasts with surrounding colour blocks.

The wild meadow sections are also a delight and the mowing has emphasised those wonderful curves and circles. As ever. there is too much to take in and too many decisions to be made.

I want to do some larger canvases and really 'let go' in terms of not worrying too much about 'real' representation. This is easier said than done for me, as I instinctivly pull back to give some context in a visual reality. But it wouldn't be an adventure if I played safe all the time. We will see what I manage, if anything, as I work towards the final exhibition.

I mix my colours a lot and don't normally use paint straight from the tube. BUT, some colours just can't be mixed - purples, mauves, bluey pinks are a particular problem and probably why I shy away from using them. I had to order some new colours! But it's not always about the bright, in your face, colours. Some of the subtler combinations are also an inspiration.

Check out the Denmans blog soon for some details of a couple of workshops I will lead in the gardens during July. The exhibition dates will be 22 September – 20 October during garden opening hours. If you see me working in the garden, do say hello.

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