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Which way to look...?

Things are really waking up in the garden now. Every visit sees a change and more flowers are appearing. I said right at the start of this residency that I wasn't a flower painter and certainly not a botanical artist! BUT...I've been grappling with daffodils, aconites, and those 'chocolate box' Magnolia trees. I've had no idea what I'm doing or how to approach such exuberant 'lovelyness'. The sunshine was warm and the visitors were out in force and seemed interested in what I was up to, but were, I'm sure, not impressed with the mess I was making. I spent 3 days in all, looking, sketching and using full painting kit and easel.

I've also done some small monoprints as a way of looking at more abstract compositions and have prepared some silk screens for when I get chance to experiment with a different media. These will also be more abstract, based on lines, textures and shapes observed on previous visits.

Looking again at the plans of the garden drawn up by

John Brookes, there was an immediate connection with images by Ben Nicholson, an artist John liked and admired. This has started another avenue to explore and possibly develop.

So at the moment I am concentrating more on the details of things rather than broader vistas. Despite my scepticism about representing 'flowers' I think I might end up making some paintings based on the amazing forms they provide. Who knows, I might actually enjoy that!

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