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The Final Countdown

'A Year at Denmans Garden', An Exhibition, will be at Denmans from 22 September - 20 October. Entry is free and I or a representative will be on hand every day. All work is for sale and I hope the exhibition tells a story of my artistic journey during the last 12 months in an interesting and interactive way. Now it's all about framing, mounting, hanging systems, cataloguing, pricing, labelling etc etc... all so much harder work than doing the actual paintings! It's been such a fun year as well as a challenge, and I've recently unwrapped some older work to discover how much I've changed my approach during the 12 months. People may not recognise some work or feel connected to it, but it is MY interpretation of the time and space and I hope I've been honest in all my responses. The garden in the summer months has been a riot - and at times completely overwhelming. Where to look, where to 'zone in', how to distil the 'essence' - it's just bonkers! Do come and visit to see what YOU think and I'd love to chat about the whole experience. It's FREE entry and a lovely new cafe, Midpines is now open. Really, a year was not enough.

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