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It’s all in the detail

November - things in the garden are changing, but still plenty of colour, if slightly muted. October had me dashing around trying to capture the intensity of the colour, but what else would you expect in the main month of autumn?

Drawing, collage, paint, photos - hopefully I have enough reference to see me through the colder months. I have picked up leaves and bark and seed heads and pressed them, prior to trying to use them for prints. What incredible beauty there is in a dying leaf! It’s a micro world of shape and texture and reminded me of medieval maps (image above). Unfortunately I couldn’t find Graham to ask what plants these were from - help please! I think November will bring more subtlety, something quieter after all the exuberance and now the frosts are arriving, a new palette.

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Sue England
Sue England
Nov 03, 2021

I'm just testing as there have been problems with people not being able to leave a comment if they wish...experimenting!

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