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New Year, new approach...?

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

December found me working mainly in the studio (at odds with the photo above I know), with work done in situ during the previous 3 months. It begged the question whether I could paint with colours that were no longer 'in season'. It proved more difficult than I anticipted. Driving through and walking in the landscape regularly in December, I found myself absorbing Decembers atmosphere, NOT Octobers! The other quandry was how far to 'abstract' what I had, how far could I go without loosing the essence of the spaces? So a time of experimentation, frustration and lots of painting over! But I managed a couple of 'finished' pieces which have encouraged me into the New Year. Lots of positive vibes for 2022.

More Info on the Denmans Garden BLOG

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